Dillion Boutin #13


Dillon Boutin is a three year program player who made the varsity team this season.  Dillon is a hard worker who can knock down shots from the outside.  Dillon is a physical player who plays taller than his size would indicate.  Dillon showed persistence and hard work to make the team as a senior.  

Player Comment

Best Trait at BHS:   Being a student at Biddeford high school  the teachers and just being in the community

Ten years from now…  I see my self being successful and having a good career I'm going in to the military.



Special Note from Sanford Game 1/20/2016: 

Senior Dillon Boutin connected on three straight threes in the 4th quarter of tonight's game.  Dillon has been a tireless worker all season.  When his time came, his practice preparation, positive attitude, and hard work allowed him to be ready for his moment.  Multiple times this season, despite not getting many minutes, Dillon would approach the coaching staff at the end of practice asking, "What I can do to help the team during practice tomorrow?"  His personal sacrifice, team first attitude, and consistent work ethic is why we have high school sports.  Despite the opportunity to go negative easily, Dillon did just the opposite.  He stayed positive and gave out positive energy to his teammates.  A great moment for Dillon, Biddeford basketball, and young athletes everywhere who place the team above their personal goals.  Great job Dillon, Biddeford basketball is very proud of you.