Player Development

This section is dedicated to improving players using the vast amount of resources available online today.  The best coach is yourself.  Self-learning creates personal pride in your work and goals.  Resources are broken into three sections: point guard, wing players, and big men.  All sections have excellent points for a well-rounded player.

Hardwood Hustle: Ep. 79 Podcast: Qualities of Great Teammates

Click the link below for a conversation of the qualities of a great teammate.

Hustler Classic: The Role of the Role Player

This podcast brings players great information of maybe the toughest subject for any player to accept, their role of the team and how can they perform to the best of their ability for themselves and the team.  


Segment minutes 5:15- 14:45 & 16:50-21:00 bring a wealth of information summarized below.


Summary of the podcast: 

                        A. Not everyone’s role is to score points or play a lot of minutes

                        B. Coach/Leader’s #1 Job: Getting each player/employee to be a STAR in their role

                        C.  Every player must:    1. Know their role     2. Embrace their role     3. Fulfill their role

                        D. Coach/Leader’s communication of role:    1. One on One    2. Team meeting

                        E.  Coach/Leader must be consistent with role expectation

                        F.  Roles can expand (injury, practice, individual improvements)

                        G.  Coach/Leader must communicate in clear terms

                        H.  Know your role is whatever your Coach/Leader determines

                        I.   Not every player/employee will embrace their roles (When hiring, consider this)

                        J.   Role players provide energy while sacrificing

                        K.  “I don’t play my five best players but I play the five players who play the best together”

                        L.   Role players = sacrifice: in minutes and points

                        M. 5 things every player can do:  Sprint the floor both ways, make the extra pass, dive for loose

balls, take a charge, check out every shot

            N.  We need “glue guys” 

            O.  Be okay with winning a game while the casual fan does not know what you do 

Ep. 176 Balancing Individual Goals vs. Team Goals

Excellent podcast for players and coaches in balancing a player's indivdiual goals for games and the season with the goals of the team.  The podcast is a great resouce to go along with the previous podcast of "The Role of the Role Player."


Click on the icon below to listen to the podcast.  Segments minutes 5:00-10:50, 13:15-16:13, and 18:03-19:25 are excellent segments.