Program Identity

During the cornavirus I watched a ton of free virtual online clinics from some of the best and brighest minds in basketball.  It was a great experience.  One suggestion which came from it was the idea of creating an online clinic of the program you currently serve.  This could be used in multiple ways, some include: a great resource for current players on expectations, new/current coaches throughout the HS, MS, and youth program, and a way to communicate with fans and parents about the style of play.
So below, you will find a 5 part presentation of Biddeford basketball.  Everything you need to know.
Part I: Introduction to the 5 Pillars of our program; Pillar #1: Culture; Pillar #2: Community Involvement; and Brief history of Biddeford basketball.
Part II: Pillar #3: Offensive Identity including our early offensive actions after a made FG/FT and our Paint Touch offense off of a miss FG/FT or live ball TO.
Part III: Pillar #3: Offensive Identity: Half Court Offense: Nova and Motion actions
Part IV: Pillar #4: Defensive Identity and Pillar #5: Structure of our practices.
Part V: Great Teammate Virtual Roundtable Clinic:  Past players (Carter Edgerton, DeSean Cromwell, and Jeremy Lugiano) discuss what it means to be a great teammate as a member of the Biddeford boys basketball program.
Part VI: Great Teammate Virtual Roundtable Clinic #2: Overcoming Challenges (Jerome Criado and Dillon Boutin)